Friday, April 29, 2011

Video of the Day - Jaffa, Israel

Country: Jaffa, Israel
Video Posted: November 30th, 2006

I've had the glorious opportunity to chat with the wonderful folk who run the Free Hugs Israel group and I'm always brightened by the sheer courage they have to get out there and offer Free Hugs. I spend a lot of time watching, reading and listening to world news and if I were to believe everything the news says - these Free Huggers should be dead by now.

But they aren't! Thank humanity for that!

I don't have many heroes, but these people, they're definitely on that list. 

If they can successfully share Free Hugs all over Israel, you can offer Free Hugs anywhere. I'm sure I've said that about the last Free Hugs Israel video I posted.

Oh... Did you know that I'm half Egyptian and was raised Muslim? The man I called Dad (Who totally turned out to actually be my uncle, but that's another story) is so anti-Israeli, he probably won't talk to me after this.

Oh that's right... we don't talk anyway. Something about me being intolerant.

Go figure.

I love you people! 


  1. please in georgia too (hug)

  2. Sorry your Dad/Uncle isn't there for you. I know what that can be like, sadly. I hope you find peace with it someday. For someone who embraces the world so graciously, you deserve that much.