Sunday, May 1, 2011

Video of the Day - Everywhere in Scotland

Country: Everywhere around Scotland
Video Posted: April 14th, 2007

Hey Hey! It's Scotland! Not just one city, but four! Not just a couple of Free Huggers, but a whole team! If a group of Geese is called a Gaggle, a group of Crows is called a Murder and a group of Owls is called a Parliament, what do we call a group of Free Huggers?

A Love of Free Huggers?
A Slew of Free Huggers?
A Crush of Free Huggers?
An Outpouring of Free Huggers?

I'm lost on a proper plural, if anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

Oh yeah, as for my brother's story... he tried to kill me twice. Hahahahaha! You Missed!

Ok, Tipsy Juan is going to put down the grown up sauce and have a lie down.

I'm still thinking of all the ways I could be hugging you, dear reader, without having to resort to an A-Frame Hug!

Hugs, Juan


  1. Juan! These videos brings tears to my eyes. It truly looks and feels like a reunion. I love hugs!! I know it has a miraculous power!!! I found you from Vincent's Japanese Ameba blog. Vincent's video clips from Japan is amazing, too! Let's keep hugging!

  2. A snuggle of huggers.

  3. We need to start an international free hugs day

  4. I am with Anonymous May 14... it's definitely a snuggle of huggers. Just saying it out loud makes you want to break out in giggles... no, really, try it now.
    For Juan and whoever else reads this, here's a hug for you, too!

  5. Un Abbraccio Gigante a tutti anch' io, di Vero Cuore!
    Ciao Juan, e Grazie!
    Maria Elena


    Perchè c' è tristezza e vuoto,
    perchè la Vita continua a non avere un senso,
    perchè il Mare diventi Rosso,
    e il profondo salga in Alto,
    perchè il Cielo sia Arcobaleno
    e le Nuvole tanti Sorrisi,
    per un Mondo che Risplenda
    e sia Luce dell' Universo,
    per il Tutto che trasformi il Nulla,
    per la Vita che siamo
    e che ci circonda,
    per tanto ancora,
    e ancora, e ancora,
    ci vuole un gigantesco Abbraccio.

    mecan (Maria Elena)

  7. Ciao Juan!
    Come stai? Spero e Ti auguro di Cuore, che Tu stia Bene.
    Ogni tanto ripenso ai Tuoi Bellissimi Abbracci e adesso Te ne lascio un altro Gigantesco qui.
    Ciao, Buon Tutto!
    Maria Elena

  8. Hey Guys, Check out my FREE HUG, page for Cape Town, South Africa. Having the first event on Oct 26 2013, as part of 100in1day initiative. Please check out our page and like :)

  9. One of my daughter's first words was huggle. ...I wouldn't mind offering that up for this purpose. ;)

  10. I vote "A Crush of Free Huggers" as it seems most apropos, and I thank you for starting a wonderful movement. Look how far around the world it has traveled and all because of "Juan Mann" trying to make a difference!