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AAbout Juan Mann

Founded in 2004, the Free Hugs movement has spread to over 100 countries across the world, with international ambassadors putting their own unique, lovable and integral spin on this simple concept of goodwill and human unity. Juan Mann has visited 70+ countries and shared a Free Hug with well over a million kind hearted people as he spreads the Free Hugs message of human unity, social connection, bridging the gap between online and real world connection in the digital age and its impact on society, good old fashioned fun and a simple, human gesture of kindness and good will, even if in some countries he isn't entirely sure he correctly wrote Free Hugs in the local language on his "Abrazos Gratis" sign.

As a motivational speaker, Juan Mann has drawn on his experience and knowledge from sharing Free Hugs and the life lessons learned to deliver speeches to over 30 of the top Fortune 500 businesses, delivering engaging, energetic and interactive speeches on a very diverse portfolio of themes ranging from social connectivity within the workplace, sustaining growth through social media, engaging with stakeholders on a professional and human level and any varied theme requested, a million hugs means a million varied stories across the depth and breadth of the human experience. Juan Mann has performed consultations for world governments on topics ranging from social issues to political matters. Including that one time he nearly got shot by a dictator, he constantly leaves behind a string of satisfied people and entities that has kept him travelling and speaking for 12 years.

What's next for Juan Mann himself, exclusively. What does that even mean? That's the surprise. We here at Team Mann believe you'll love it.

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